Brandon Powell, CTO/Web Design

523094_10151086329143873_1402020613_n (1)For helping small businesses develop a presence online and evaluating what type of IT systems a business should deploy, Brandon is the go-to guy. Our resident techie, he gets excited about the things that scare most of us and is constantly learning about and exploring cutting edge technologies that can benefit our customers.

But Brandon is more than just an IT and web design expert,  he also has over 15 years experience in retail sales and management.  He understands your local customer and is ready and willing to provide insight and aide in sales, merchandising, promotions and more.  In his day job, Brandon is respected by his employers and peers for doing everything from managing payroll and personel to training, to merchandising and sales.  He also plays an important role in expanding the company into new regional markets.  His retail consulting services can bring years of perspective and open up new ideas and energy for your small business sales!